August 4, 2022

Help Put Us Out of Business

Like many charities, the Ottawa Humane Society envisions a future in which we aren’t needed anymore. For us that means a compassionate future where every animal leads a happy and healthy life, and pets are cared for in a committed and responsible home.

The OHS is still needed, but you can help put us out of business by being a responsible pet owner and encouraging others to follow.

Responsible pet ownership is a lot more than just providing food and shelter. There are many other elements, and it begins even before bringing a pet into your life: by doing research. Make sure you find the right match for you, that you have the resources to care for a pet, and don’t support unethical or harmful breeding practices.

Pets should be spayed/neutered for their health and to prevent pet overpopulation.

Pets need regular veterinary care, including dental and health checkups, sterilizations, and up-to-date vaccinations. Always be prepared to meet their emergency veterinary care needs.

Being a responsible pet owner includes giving your pet adequate exercise and enrichment every day, including socialization and mental stimulation. Use reward-based positive-reinforcement training and never use punishment when training animals.

Give your pet a ticket home. Always ensure she is wearing a collar and tag, and a microchip with up-to-date information.

Responsible pet ownership means keeping your pet under your control and never leaving your dog unattended in a vehicle, especially in hot or cold weather.

Responsible pet owners protect their pets from the elements, by keeping cats indoors, protecting dogs’ paws from harmful salt, ice and heat conditions, and limiting a dog’s outdoor time in extreme temperatures.

If everyone observed these elements of responsible pet ownership, we might be out of business, and that would be great!

Bruce Roney

President & CEO