February 11, 2016

For the Love of Pets

It occurs to me that animals — pets, at least for those of us who have them — are a huge part of our emotional lives.

For those of us who grew up with animals, often they were our first loves. And they were our first loss. I can still feel the sting of the loss of my first dog. Most of us can.

Love for our pets can be a tremendous consolation. Which one of us has not hugged a beloved pet after a break-up, a divorce, a death? We swear they can sense our pain and they probably can.

Some souls have only experienced the love for a pet and never for another human. And for some, it is the only love and companionship that is left in old age.

So as we celebrate our love and our loves this St. Valentine’s Day, let’s set aside a little of the celebration for our pets.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bruce Roney
Executive Director