January 5, 2017

Filling the Pages in 2017

I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions. I never kept them. That said, there is something to a new year that feels like a blank page. Doesn’t it feel a bit like when we used to start school in September with clean blank notebooks just waiting to be filled?

So, rather than feeling like I have to make empty promises to myself in the form of resolutions, I am thinking about what I want those blank pages to be filled with. There are a few things I want in 2017 for the animals in the care of the Ottawa Humane Society:

More permanent solutions; fewer band-aids for problems;

More research; less guessing;

More lives saved; less pain for animals; and

I want the OHS to receive — and be deserving of — more notes like this one, sent by an adopter and donor in December, because these make all the work worthwhile:

“… I never boast about the fact that I am a PAW donor, but I have had a chance to use your services for my own needs. Never have I been so proud. I do not want to dwell on the fact, but I will not be stopping the contributions. I loved what I saw, and you and the staff should be proud as well. I saw a lot of happy families, and even saw an older gentleman on Sunday sitting at the tables studying or reading there, and truly seemed to enjoy his time.

Thank you and the OHS for what you have done. You have united two best friends together.”

Bruce Roney
Executive Director