December 14, 2017

Eight Christmas Puppies and One Saint

Four of the eight puppies currently in foster care.

Four years ago, I thought it would be a fun idea to foster two puppies who needed to get out of the shelter over the holidays. My house is pretty quiet at Christmas, and I don’t stray far for long. What could be better, I thought? They need a temporary home. I have one. It’ll be fun.

Here is the thing: I hadn’t cared for a puppy in a very long time. And two? Never. And I forgot just how tough is it to care for puppies. I forgot about being wakened up at four in the morning to their wailing; the feedings; the poop. I couldn’t get newspaper down fast enough and I couldn’t get it out of the house fast enough to avoid the smell.

So, I was in awe of Stacy Morin when I met her on Tuesday. She is caring for not one, not two, but five little fur bundles in the OHS foster program. CTV came to visit them here at the shelter on Tuesday. That is when I met Stacy and the puppies. The puppies are really cute. Stacy is a saint.

Stacy is caring for five of eight husky-shepherd puppies that were transferred from a partner shelter that was overwhelmed. Because of the generosity of our community, we had the resources and the space for these cuties. We knew, that once weaned, we could easily rehome them in Ottawa. So, we brought them here, dewormed them, vaccinated them, and sent them and their mother to foster with Stacy. In a few weeks, we’ll sterilize them and they will move back to the shelter to find them forever homes. In the meantime, these cuties are all living temporarily with Stacy: the saint.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director