August 29, 2019

Education and Changing the World

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

Four years ago, when the OHS was developing our five-year plan, our community of supporters told us to invest more—even double—the resources dedicated to changing the future for Ottawa’s animals. I was delighted they were so far-thinking. There is so much emotional draw to the one and the today—that animal that needs our help right now—that it can be a challenge to maintain a view to the many and the future. But if we don’t, the risk is that we keep seeing the same issues and the same suffering over and over, year after year.

So, invest we did, and today we are reaching more than 15,000 children and young people every year through a half-dozen or so child and youth programs. Among the most successful has been our summer camps. These week-long camps allow children to become immersed in animal welfare while also having a great time.  Demand is high and the camps pretty much sell out every summer.

I truly believe that the children who attend our camps leave them changed. Their parents agree. In fact, 93% of parents tell us that their child has been positively affected by the camp experience. Not only do the children leave knowing and understanding the needs of animals, but they also become sensitized to the plight of animals, and ultimately become more compassionate toward both animals and people.

And I truly believe this can change the world.

Bruce Roney
President and CEO