July 5, 2024

Can an Email Save Animals?

Maybe not one by itself, but I know that many people raising their voices for the animals can make a difference.

I hope you’ll join me and animal advocates across the province in reaching out to Premier Doug Ford, urging him and the Solicitor General to increase the number of animal investigators and improve the transparency of the province’s investigations into animal welfare.

Last month, Ontario made puppy mills illegal, marking a significant step forward for animal welfare in the province. We can take a moment to celebrate, however now is the time to push harder than ever to secure better protections for the animals. Together, we can make a difference.

Boosting the number of animal investigators in Ontario is essential to effectively tackle animal abuse and neglect. Investigators are crucial in enforcing animal welfare laws, ensuring that offenders face consequences and keeping animals safe from harm.

Ontario relies on caring people to report animal cruelty and neglect. Right now, more transparency is needed on the status of these reports and their outcomes. When reports lead to meaningful action, it encourages more people to raise their concerns of animal cruelty and abuse, knowing that their efforts will help protect animals.

Ontario is heading in the right direction, but we can and should go even further to ensure animals receive the protections they deserve. The OHS and the Ontario Animal Welfare Network have offered to support the government to make sure that changes to the laws support the needs the animals in their communities.

To help make this happen, the animals need you. Send a letter to the premier requesting these essential improvements to protect Ontario’s animals.

Sharon Miko
President & CEO