March 14, 2019

Who are the Heroes that Save Lives?

There is a lot of confusion about where the funds come from to care for the animals at the Ottawa Humane Society, and our programs to better the lives of today’s and tomorrow’s animals.

Many think the OHS is supported by government. Sadly, this is not the case. Though the OHS does have a purchase of service contract with the City of Ottawa to provide stray animal sheltering on the city’s behalf, this represents only about 14 per cent of total OHS revenue.

So where do the funds come from? What is the single source of revenue for animals in need?

Adoption and surrender fees, maybe? Nope. Those total 11 per cent and they are declining, as we adopt out more and more animals with special needs at reduced fees.

What about all those camps and birthday parties? Four per cent. Sales in the Buddy and Belle Boutique? Only two per cent.

Overwhelmingly, the funds to support the animals and the programs of the OHS comes from fundraising—a whopping 67 per cent. And of this, over 85 per cent comes from individuals, not corporations, not foundations, not events, but individuals, heroes who care about animals and want them safe and cared for. And over half of these heroes make their gift to the animals through the PAW monthly giving program — by far the largest and most important source of funds for the animals.

So, how are lives saved, bodies and hearts healed, and the future for Ottawa’s animals changed for the better? Overwhelmingly because of our heroes: PAW monthly donors.

Bruce Roney

President and CEO