September 1, 2016

Walk or Run and Show You Care

walk and runThe OHS Wiggle Waggle Walkathon and Run for the Animals are a lot of wonderful things: a great day out, a fun time with your family and your dogs, a chance to see breeds of dogs you never see anywhere else, and a chance to mingle with other caring and committed people in Ottawa. The run is all that and a chance to set a personal best.

But, they do have a very serious purpose: they are literally life-saving events.

walk and runWe can plan all year long to create an event that is bigger and better than the one before, but only you can make them a success. The animals depend on you on this one day for their future.

You will remember last year, the event was struck by a huge, unprecedented electrical storm. It wasn’t looking good for the animals, but you and our community saved the day, and saved the lives of hundreds of animals by being there with your gift when they needed you. The weather looks like it is going to return to the beautiful days that we are used to for the events, but the animals still need you.

walk and run 3You were here for Daisy, a kitten found in a zip-tied box into a Kanata dumpster in May. Only because of you could Daisy be treated for dehydration, her eye infection and her compromised  respiratory system. You came through and allowed the OHS vet to treat her with fluids, antibiotics and eye ointment. And because of you she was adopted late last spring.

The Walk and Run paid for Coco’s care. Coco, a Dogue de Bordeaux, was surrendered by her owner. She was five. With the help of an intervention volunteer, she received training for handling sensitivity, fear and food aggression. We spayed her and treated her for and food allergies. She was adopted in July into a home that could meet her needs.


Betsy the spokes dog.

And, of course, there is Betsy, our walk spokesdog. Betsy exemplifies the animals that need you and the OHS. Betsy was a puppy mill survivor, the scars on her body tell us of her life: multiple litters, sores from years of sleeping without bedding, teeth rotting in her mouth, and overgrown nails from a lifetime of neglect. Betsy needed dental surgeries, to be spayed, and treatment for a bladder infection, grooming and time in foster. But she was adopted in the spring. A new life, because you walked, you ran, you cared.

Please sign up and start collecting pledges today. Please be there this year, on this one day, for the Daisys, the Cocos and the Betsys that are here right now in our shelter, and they need you to walk, to run and to care. 


Bruce Roney
Executive Director

P.S. I’m really looking forward to seeing you on September 11th!