June 30, 2016

School’s Out!

Though most days, I didn’t really mind school, I will admit that my favourite day was always the last day. On this, the last day of school this year, I have been thinking about how far the OHS has come in reaching children and youth in our schools and what it means. 

Last year alone, OHS staff and volunteers reached a stunning 9,724 young people in classrooms across the city. That is an amazing number. When added to our summer humane education program, camps, birthday parties, and other programs for children and youth, the OHS reached an astounding 16,109 young people. And of course, now we are reaching young people in Ottawa’s French and French immersion classrooms, not just in English schools. 

You may be thinking, “So what?” Here is the thing, my admittedly rudimentary demographic skills tell me that if we reach 16,000 children a year, assuming no duplication, we will reach every child in Ottawa at least once in their school life. If our programs are successful — building empathy, compassion as well as responsible animal ownership — and we reach every child in Ottawa, there is a real possibility of changing the future for not only animals, but our entire community. 

Bruce Roney
Executive Director