One Billion Animals

For the animals in Australia, this new decade is off to a devastating start. Over the past few months, Australia has been host to thousands of bushfires. In January, the situation intensified when large fires began merging, making escape more difficult for animals and humans alike.

This certainly isn’t the first ecological disaster in recent years. In 2019 a large portion of the Amazon rainforests burnt, and right here in Canada, devastating wildfires happen on an almost yearly basis now. It is, however, the most devastating recent event, with as many as a billion animals perishing.

Bushfires have always existed, but in recent years they’ve intensified as the global temperature continues to rise and weather events become more intense. Most animals are unable to flee large bushfires like the ones in Australia right now, so they’re the most helpless victims.

Governments around the world need to take the protection of animal habitat far more seriously, so hopefully this catastrophe is the wakeup call they needed. Please voice your concern for the animals by sharing this article with your friends and family to make them more aware of the animals impacted by fires in Australia.