December 16, 2021

No Higher Calling

I’ve been at the office since the onset of the pandemic. I’m just not a work-from-home guy. I’m an extrovert, and so I get energy from the people around me. I have to tell you, there is no stronger energy than that which comes from the people I work with at the Ottawa Humane Society.

Whether it be caring for the animals, helping them get home or finding them a new home; whether it be educating a new generation of pet owners, raising funds, or keeping the books, OHS staff are the best. They are committed, caring, and hard-working. They believe in our work and our mission. They are devoted to caring for animals and helping our community become a more compassionate place for us all, and I am grateful to be working with them.

The one thing I often share with OHS staff is this: there is no higher calling than caring for the weak, the sick, and the homeless, and it doesn’t matter if they are people or animals.

Bruce Roney
President & CEO