Walter's Profile

Hi, I’m Walter!

The staff at the OHS call me a Triathlete. Triathletes need lots of activities with you to keep them happy, so get ready to exercise, play games, provide puzzles, and more! Triathletes can be pretty mischievous without their daily workouts and will usually find their own outlets if not given enough to do. And while Triathletes are outgoing, they tend to put all of their focus into the current activity and can get frustrated by any interruptions. If you’re looking for that perfect training buddy, look no further! A Triathlete can be ready at a second’s notice to run miles with you, join you on a long distance bike ride, or chase their ball until the sun goes down (and then keep on going). If you have an active lifestyle that doesn’t miss a beat, consider a Triathlete!

Mental exercise is an important part of a Triathlete’s day. Good mental activities include using a food dispensing puzzle for meals, giving frozen treats and food-stuffed toys, mixing it up with a variety of chew toys, hiding food and toys for them to sniff out, and playing training games! These exciting activities help to work their mind and tire them out while hanging at home.

I have hip dysplasia which is caused by abnormal development leading to an imperfect fit of the leg into the hip joint.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment to adopt me, please email a completed adopter profile found at to Please be advised that although we do offer on-the-spot adoptions, this is dependent on appointment schedules and cannot be guaranteed.

Adoption Centre visitor hours:
Tues-Fri 12pm to 7pm
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Items you must have with you:

Proof of Address
Photo ID

A collar, leash and other pet supply needs can be purchased at the time of adoption as the OHS has an excellent selection of these items. All proceeds from your purchases from the OHS Buddy & Belle Boutique support the animals at the OHS.