Pet Stewardship FAQ

Pet Stewardship Program FAQ

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Do I have to draw up formal arrangements for my companion animals?

It is important to have formal arrangements made for the future care of your surviving companion animals or for the care of your companion animals should you be unable to care for them due to illness or incapacity. We recommend that you seek legal advice when drawing up these arrangements. You can make formal arrangements for your companion animals through a will, a trust, a power of attorney or a personal representation agreement. A legal professional can help you to decide what arrangement you should make. If you register your companion animals in the Pet Stewardship Program, we will give you language for your will, your trust, power of attorney or personal representation agreement.

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Do I sign a formal agreement with the Ottawa Humane Society when I register my companion animals?

Yes. You will sign a contract, outlining the services that we promise to provide to your companion animals. The Pet Stewardship Program is an agreement between you and the Ottawa Humane Society to provide appropriate care and placement of your companion animal when you pass away or are unable to care for your animal. The terms of the contract are confidential and binding.

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Do I have to change my will?

You will have to give possession of your companion animal to the Ottawa Humane Society in your will. If you arrange for the program payments to come through your will, we will supply you with the correct legal language.

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Do I need professional advice?

We recommend that you obtain independent legal or financial advice. We would be happy to meet with you and your professional advisor to discuss a legacy gift to the Ottawa Humane Society.

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What happens if I die before my companion animal?

The Pet Stewardship Program at the Ottawa Humane Society has been designed to answer this question. The program ensures that your surviving companion animals are placed into stewards’ loving homes that are best suited to their individual needs.

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Where will my companion animal go?

Ottawa Humane Society will ensure that your companion if fostered by an appropriate home until an acceptable steward can be identified. Owners may specify wishes regarding the choice of a steward home and the daily routine of the companion animal.

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What are the costs?

A minimum payment of $10,000 for each companion animal is to be left in our care. This payment may be made in a number of ways. Many people choose to make this payment through their will.

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What are the funds used for?

Funds will be used to pay for medical expenses, pet medical insurance and an annual allowance for appropriate pet supplies, funds will not be allocated for food (unless medically prescribed diet) bedding, toys, crates or grooming.

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If the care options outlined do not meet my needs, can I make a special arrangement for my companion animal?

Yes, if you have special wishes, we will attempt to make any arrangement that will meet the special needs of your surviving companion.

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If I have more than one companion animal, will they be placed in the same adoptive home?

The Ottawa Humane Society will do its best to place companion animals that have lived together in the same home.

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What if I get a new companion animal?

If your companion animal dies during your lifetime, or if you acquire a new companion animal, you can give notice to the Ottawa Humane Society to transfer or add the new companion animal to the contract.

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Will the Ottawa Humane Society take custody of my companion animal when the time comes?

As soon as possible after receiving a call from your executor, the Ottawa Humane Society will accept custody and assume ownership of your companion animal. We will provide your companion animal with care and attention in our facilities while we arrange for a new home.

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Will there be a guarantee that my companion animal will not be euthanized?

Yes, we will guarantee that your pet will not be euthanized, except in extreme circumstances, such as disease, irrevocable illness or severe behaviour problems. In that case, we would require the approval of two veterinarians before we would consider euthanasia.

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How will my gift help other companion animals?

Your gift will ensure your companion animal receives the love and attention needed and that a suitable home is found. Your gift will also help fund the Pet Stewardship Program, providing other companion animals and owners with the same sense of security and satisfaction you have enjoyed.

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