Board of Directors

The Ottawa Humane Society Board of Directors

Recruitment is now closed.

Candidates should be self-motivated, professional and dedicated to the Ottawa Humane Society through board service.

Previous experience serving on a board of directors at a charitable/not-for profit organization is important, however not mandatory. Ideal candidate assets also include expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Charitable organization/not-for-profit experience;
  • Governance expertise;
  • Community involvement and leadership
  • Management/strategic planning expertise;
  • Evaluation/performance management expertise;
  • Fundraising expertise;
  • Government relations expertise;
  • Financial Literacy;
  • Legal or regulatory expertise;
  • Human Resources or recruitment & retention expertise;
  • Information technology expertise;
  • Privacy/Security expertise;
  • Communications expertise and;
  • Specialized skills as needed.

The successful candidate must be willing and able to devote six to eight hours per month to board duties over a period of six (6) years, consisting of three, two (2) year terms.