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Animal Cruelty Investigations in Ontario: An Update

Animal cruelty

The OHS reported two months ago that, with just a few weeks’ notice, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) announced it would no longer be enforcing animal cruelty investigations in Ontario after June 27. By necessity, events are unfolding quickly.

The OHS has met with local police and bylaw services about the transition. We will be working with bylaw to provide training for police officers on the specific laws and processes in enforcement in preparation for the OSPCA’s full withdrawal.

Province-wide, the Solicitor General’s office has announced that local humane societies will be empowered to continue enforcement, at least for the transition period to new legislation expected in January. The Solicitor General has also launched a survey of Ontarians regarding their views. The OHS has already corresponded with the government about what a new system should look like. The OHS will not be applying to regain authority, believing that law enforcement is a responsibility of government, not donors.

The OHS has also been working with Humane Canada, our national partner, and other humane societies in Ontario to create a comprehensive set of recommendations for animal protection in the future.

What can you do?

Take the survey and let the Government of Ontario know how important the protection of animals in the province is to you.

Bruce Roney
President and CEO

Bill S-203 Passes, Adding Protections for Dolphins and Whales


The OHS is hoping that Bill S-203 will officially pass before Parliament rises for the summer. The bill will prohibit the catching of whales and dolphins (cetaceans) in the wild, the import of live cetaceans, as well as captive breeding. However, within the bill, Marineland and the Vancouver Aquarium are grandfathered, which will allow them to continue to keep existing cetaceans, to conduct valid research and provide care and rehabilitation for distressed whales and dolphins.

With spring and summer upon us, we urge you to consider your travel plans to avoid supporting venues like Marineland and the Vancouver Aquarium – where turning a profit is valued more than the lives of the beautiful creatures they hold captive.

House Passes Bill C-84 but Still Needs Public Support


On May 8, the House of Commons passed government legislation broadening the definition of bestiality. However, the bill must be passed in the Senate before Parliament rises, so it’s still in jeopardy of not passing. Time is running out, so please contact your local Member of Parliament and urge them to ask senators to support this legislation.

Bill C-84 would amend the Criminal Code of Canada to:

  • Expand the definition of bestiality as “any contact, for a sexual purpose, with an animal.”
  • Expand the definition of animal fighting and baiting to include “promotion, arranging, receiving money for or taking part in the fighting or baiting of animals or birds.
  • Criminalize the training or transporting of animals for animal fighting and baiting.
  • Expand the offence of “building a cockpit” to include any arena for animal fighting.

If passed, this bill will close a loophole discovered in a 2016 Supreme Court case. In that case, Canada’s top court upheld the acquittal of a man who had been convicted in a lower court of facilitating sex acts with his stepdaughters and their family dog because the acts did not involve penetration. In its ruling, the Supreme Court said that a broader reading of the crime would require a change in legislation, which has now come.

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Join us on Sunday, Sept. 8 at the Lansdowne Great Lawn for the 2019 Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run, presented by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Register as an individual or become a team captain by gathering your family, friends and co-workers together for the big day. As a token of our appreciation, captains who recruit five or more team members will receive a special OHS buff which can be worn proudly on event day!

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