How much does camp cost?

OHS camps cost $75 per PD Day or $300 per week. All proceeds go to the animals!

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What does my child need to bring to camp?

Your child should bring closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothing that can come into contact with animals, a lunch, at least two snacks, and a bottle of water. Please refrain from bringing peanuts or products containing nuts to the OHS.

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When should I drop off/pick-up my child?

For week-long camps, sign-in is available for participants who have not opted in for extended care at 8:45 a.m., with activities starting promptly at 9 a.m. Camp programming will finish at 3:45 p.m., and extended care begins at 4 p.m. Extended care is available for camps at $25/week and is complimentary for PD Days, from 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m., and from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Will my child spend the majority of the day interacting with animals?

All of our activities are geared towards teaching campers about animal care, handling and welfare. We try to have at least three 20-minute animal interactions every day, but that can sometimes vary depending on animal availability and behaviour. Our top priorities are the well-being and safety of both the campers and our animals. We provide a fun and safe learning environment for our campers, and one that is free of undue stress on the animals.

Animal interaction activities may include: a visit to the cat gallery, a small animal circle, a visit with a temperament assessed dog, a canine agility activity, a dog walk, etc.

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How do you choose which animals the campers will interact with?

Our animals are carefully screened before they take part in the camp program. All animals that participate in OHS programs are behaviourally assessed for suitability in being with children, as well as health checked by our animal care team.  Additional animals may be brought in through the Humane Education program, or accompanying our guest speakers.

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Can my child attend more than one camp?

Of course! We strive to have different activities and animals for each camp. While some of the favourites may be repeated, there will also be enough new material to keep a repeat camper occupied.

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What about my child’s medical or dietary needs?

Since campers bring their own lunch and snacks, dietary needs are generally easy to accommodate. Please indicate all medical issues on the registration form. We are unable to accommodate campers with severe allergies to cats and dogs, as integration with animals is an integral part of our program. While we request that campers not bring products containing nuts to camp, we are not a nut-free facility.

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What are the camp rules?

To ensure a positive and safe camp environment for all persons and animals involved, participants will be required to abide by the following rules:

All campers must:

  1. Respect one-another, the facilitators, and the animals involved in the camp. Engaging in conduct that disrupts the camp program or undermines the safety and security of any of the camp participants will not be tolerated, including the use of profanity or engaging in any physical misconduct.
  2. Stay on the OHS property and remain with their group at all times. Any camper wishing to leave for any purpose must consult a group facilitator and have an escort.
  3. Follow directions provided by the camp facilitators.
  4. Wear closed-toe shoes.
  5. Leave electronic devices, such as MP3 players and cell phones at home.

Participants failing to abide by camp rules and policies may be removed from the camp at the sole discretion of the OHS. Refunds will not be provided for children dismissed from camp. Children acting out violently or engaging in behaviour that threatens the safety and security of any person or animal will result in immediate expulsion. If necessary, inappropriate electronic devices will be confiscated and remain in the possession of the supervisor: programs until the end of the camp day.

Please discuss the camp rules with your child prior to camp!

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Where do the proceeds of the camp go?

All of the proceeds from the camp are directed to helping the animals.

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How do I sign up for camp?

OHS camps only have 40 spots available each day/week – so don’t miss out!

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We are using a new system for program registrations! If you have feedback or issues using the system, please email programs@ottawahumane.ca.

For more information, please contact our supervisor: programs by phone at (613)725-3166, ext. 298 or by email at programs@ottawahumane.ca.

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