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Animals Let Down Again 


Last month, the Crown stayed charges against Marineland related to using dolphins to perform and entertain without authorization — a criminal offence.

The Crown's decision is a devastating blow to the welfare of the animals held captive at Marineland.

The charges were filed in late 2021, resulting from footage of Marineland running a dolphin show. The case languished in court throughout 2022 before it reached its impotent conclusion in December.

According to Marineland, their dolphin shows are educational and feature marine mammals displaying natural behaviours. There is nothing natural about forcing dolphins to perform for an audience.

Marineland is a business and it is clear that the company's interest in animals is simply how to use them for profit. Animal advocates know this and know that fighting back is to not patronize businesses like Marineland and encourage others to do the same.

What is even more troubling is the government's toothless enforcement of existing animal welfare legislation.

Staying the charges against Marineland suggests that the government has little interest in carrying out the systems it has created to protect animals.

The Crown prosecutor decided it was ''not in public interest'' to prosecute. Animal cruelty is a serious matter of public interest. Tell the government you agree, write to your MP and let them know that Canada must enforce its existing animal welfare legislation.

Court Deems Sled Dogs In Distress

Multiple dogs pulling a sledPhoto credit: Dylan Blake

In late 2022, Ontario denied an appeal from Windrift Adventures, a dog sledding company, to return more than 200 dogs that the province removed in late 2021. 

According to the province, the dogs had inadequate shelter and too short tethers for dogs who live exclusively outdoors — to return the dogs would be returning them to a situation of distress. 

Windrift's recent appeal was not their first. The company had attempted to appeal the decision shortly after the dogs were removed. 

In 2022, Ontario improved quality of life standards for dogs living outdoors, and dog sledding tourism companies complain the new standards have impacted their business. 

Dog sledding tourism companies exploit animals for entertainment, and shouldn't exist if providing adequate care to the animals they use would sink their business.

Don't support animal cruelty. If you choose to participate in any activity involving animals, check out the business' background first.

Saving Horses from an Awful Fate

Horse in transportPhoto credit: Canadian Horse Defense Coalition

Trapped in cramped crates, deprived of food, water and rest for up to 28 hours, and shipped overseas to be slaughtered and eaten as sashimi. This is a fate that thousands of Canadian horses face each year.

In 2021's federal election, the Liberal party pledged to end the export of horses for slaughter. Last month, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food stated that the ban is in its early stages of development.

Also last month, a shipment of horses from Winnipeg faced a grueling 10-hour delay before being loaded onto a plane. The conditions horses are shipped in are already stressful and dangerous. This extensive delay further compounded the animals' suffering.

It is clear the ban is needed sooner rather than later, and you can help make it happen. Sign Jann Arden's petition urging the Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food to end the export of horses for slaughter now.


Homeless and Vulnerable Animals Need YOU

Winny, french bulldog, wearing a cone

Every day, homeless animals need your help — animals like Winny.

Winny, an adorable 11-month-old French bulldog, came to the OHS with kidney disease.

An ultrasound showed that there was a problem with the way one of his kidneys connected to his bladder, causing dribbling and a buildup of urine. Winny needed his left kidney removed to live his best, pain-free life.

He recovered very well from his surgery and is now loving life in his forever home.

Will you give animals like Winny a second chance at life? Your gift today will ensure more animals like him receive the life-saving medical treatment, love and compassion they desperately need.

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