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The Ottawa Animal Advocate

March 2019

Changing the Lives of Ottawa’s Animals on World Spay Day

Spay or neuter your pets

On Feb. 26, the Ottawa Humane Society celebrated World Spay Day by spaying or neutering 50 cats and dogs.

By 8:00 a.m., four veterinarians, three technicians, five veterinary assistants, several other staff and an OHS volunteer were hard at work and spent the day helping our community’s homeless canines and felines, strengthening the bonds with our partners to make a difference.

  • Most of the 15 dogs and 23 cats were spayed or neutered to help two OHS partner organizations.
  • Eight feral cats were spayed or neutered.
  • Another 13 cats were sterilized at our mobile spay/neuter clinic, providing this life-saving surgery to pet owners in Ottawa that may not have otherwise had access to this care.

This year’s World Spay Day was a great reminder that only when we work together can we truly change the future for Ottawa’s animals.

Share the importance of spaying and neutering pets

Spay or neuter your pets

Spaying and neutering pets is a crucial step every pet owner should take to help make sure unwanted pets aren’t abandoned and left to fend for themselves; that’s why every cat, dog and rabbit the OHS adopts is spayed or neutered. But as OHS supporters, you probably already know that – so how else can you help?

Another important step you can take after having your pet(s) spayed or neutered is to make sure your friends and family have as well. Please visit our spay/neuter page to share the importance of spaying and neutering pets with the people in your life. The few seconds it takes to share this message can save hundreds of animal lives.


Buddy & Belle: Nala

Buddy & Belle Dog

Ottawa’s injured and neglected animals depend on you to receive medical treatment, tender care, and hope. Nala, a black Labrador retriever mix puppy, is one of the innocent animals who needed a second chance.

Read Nala’s story and make a donation to help her and animals like her

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