Sam's Profile

Hi, I’m Sam!

I am a Roborovski Dwarf Hamster! “Dwarf Robo” hamsters can happily live in pairs or groups with other Dwarf Robos of the same sex. In general, we do not like being handled as much as the larger Syrian hamsters, and we prefer to just be watched by our human friends. Luckily, we are super cute and it is adorable to see us interacting with each other and our habitat. An enriched, nurturing environment will help a Dwarf Robo like me live a long, happy life.

I am currently relaxing in a foster home as I wait for my forever family. Please contact an adoptions staff to book an appointment to meet me!

If you are interested in adopting me, please email a completed adopter profile found at to

Items you must have with you:

Proof of Address
Photo ID
Animal Carrier

A leash, collar and any of your other pet supply needs can be purchased at the time of adoption. We have an excellent selection of these items in our Buddy & Belle Boutique, and proceeds from your purchases support the animals at the OHS.