Bailey's Profile

Hi, I’m Bailey!

The staff at the OHS call me an Explorer! Explorers are self-starters with high exercise needs who are ready to make their own itinerary for the day. They love adventure and need to keep busy, but prefer not to have to fit too much socializing into their calendar. They enjoy the companionship of select people and while they may enjoy a good belly rub from time-to-time, they are often happy to find a great spot to sit or play independently. Good daily activities include running miles with you on empty trails, joining on long distance bike rides, or chasing their ball until the sun goes down. With lots of physical and mental exercise to stay happy, an Explorer will settle into a solid relationship with you. If you’re looking for a resourceful, active companion who won’t need to go busy places with you, consider an Explorer!

Mental exercise is an important part of an Explorer’s day. Good mental activities include using a food dispensing puzzle for meals, giving frozen treats and food-stuffed toys, mixing it up with a variety of chew toys, hiding food and toys for them to sniff out, and playing training games! These exciting activities help to work their mind and tire them out while hanging at home.

I am looking for an adult-only home without cats or small animals!

I often feel frightened by new people and situations. It will take time, patience, and training to help me adapt when I’m scared.

I had some soft stool or diarrhea while at the shelter. I have been dewormed, some diagnostic tests have been run, and I may be on a special diet as a result. My soft stool may be related to stress and resolve in a home.

I had some tearing and my third eyelids are visible at the OHS. This may be related to “stress” and it may resolve in my new home. If these symptoms are ongoing my eyes may need to be wiped occasionally and I may be more likely to develop eye infections.

Adoptions are currently being done by appointment. If you are interested in adopting me, please email the OHS a completed adopter profile found at

Items you must have with you:

Proof of Address
Photo ID

Pet supply needs can be purchased at the time of adoption. All proceeds from your purchases in the OHS Buddy & Belle Boutique support the an