Doudoune's Profile

Hi, I’m Doudoune!

The staff at the OHS call me a Poet! Did you know that Poets thrive in calm, stable environments? When things are a little too new and different, these kitties have a hard time showing their true personalities. Because Poets find change so hard, they usually like lots of safe places to hide and high perches to rest on. While each Poet is a little different, things that usually bring them out of their shell include playing with their favourite toys, eating some of their favourite treats, and seeking attention from their favourite people. During periods of change, Poets need a safe refuge where they be surrounded by these favourite things.

Poets can have different preferences, and it might take a little while to figure them out. Some Poets prefer play interactions where they can stalk and hunt in a fun game with you, while others may enjoy curling in your lap for a cozy snooze. While you may not see a lot of them at first, they’ll be thinking of you… and after they settle in, you’ll think they’ve always belonged!

I am looking for a home where I will be the only cat!

I injured my knees before arriving at the OHS and have put down some scar tissue to stabilize them. At this point in time the knees are stable. I may be prone to arthritis at an earlier age due to these injuries and I may need veterinary follow up for diagnostics, medication, and possibly surgery for my knees if my mobility changes in the future.

I have medical needs; please contact an Adoption staff member to inquire about me “Doudoune” shelter number A242122.

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Items you must have with you:

Proof of Address
Photo ID
Animal Carrier

A carrier, collar and any of your other pet supply needs can be purchased at the time of adoption as the OHS has an excellent selection of these items. All proceeds from your purchases in the OHS Buddy & Belle Boutique support the animals at the OHS.