Willow's Profile

Hi, I’m Willow!

The staff at the OHS call me a Co-pilot! Co-pilots thrive on being an involved family member, and will likely want to spend a good chunk of their time with you playing, chatting, training, and snoozing. They can handle alone time if you give them enough to do, and their favourite independent activities usually include exploring tunnels, perching by the window, playing with novel toys, and cozying up for a nap. But be ready, because these social kitties will be waiting for you! If you’re having guests over, you might find your Co-pilot at your side acting as your official greeter. And if you’re working around the house a Co-pilot might just want to help – keep an eye on your keyboard! Co-pilots may also be good candidates for harness training and leash walks outdoors. After living with a Co-pilot, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

I am overweight, and I will need a veterinarian to oversee my weight loss plan to make sure I lose weight safely. I need a prescription veterinary diet and regular veterinarian visits to follow my progress.

I am unable to consistently clean my hind end, I will need regular assistance or my skin may become very irritated. If I lose weight I will likely able to clean myself once again.

I have a small, brown, “freckle” on my iris. This is seen in some older cats and most often is a benign condition. This “freckle” should be monitored by a veterinarian for any changes or progression over time. In some cats these “freckles” can be the early sign of a type of cancer of the eye.

I am currently relaxing in a foster home as I wait for my forever family. If you are interested in adopting me, please email the OHS a completed adopter profile found at https://ottawahumane.ca/adopt/

Items you must have with you:

Proof of Address
Photo ID
Animal Carrier

A carrier, collar and any of your other pet supply needs can be purchased at the time of adoption as the OHS has an excellent selection of these items. All proceeds from your purchases in the OHS Buddy & Belle Boutique support the animals at the OHS.