Nala's Profile

Hi, I’m Nala!

The staff at the OHS call me a Star! Stars tend to be self-starters and like to spend part of their day on independent activities, like exploring every nook and cranny of your home! They also enjoy time with their family, but usually on their own terms. Their favourite family activities may include playing with engaging toys, participating in fun training games, or curling up for a nap somewhere close by. Stars are usually pretty resourceful and like to figure out how things work, so they benefit from places to explore and perches near windows. Stars may also be good candidates for harness training and leash walks outdoors! If you’re looking for an entertainer with loads of personality, a Star might just be the purrfect match for you!

I am overweight, and I will need a veterinarian to oversee my weight loss plan to make sure I lose weight safely. I need a prescription veterinary diet and regular veterinarian visits to follow my progress.

I will need to be monitored when playing with toys in my new home as I may ingest non-food items, although this was not observed at the OHS. I vomited a few times at the OHS and am now eating a veterinary prescription diet which appears to be managing the vomiting at this time.

One of my kidneys is smaller than the other on x-ray, my kidney function is normal based on blood and urine tests, and I am ready to find my new home with someone who is able to help me with a weight loss plan and monitor me with toys. My new veterinarian may recommend rechecking my blood and urine tests in the future.

I have behaviour needs; please contact an Adoption staff member to inquire about me “Nala” shelter number A236648.

Adoptions are currently being done by appointment, with a curbside pickup only option. If you are interested in adopting me, please email the OHS a completed adopter profile found at

Items you must have with you:

Proof of Address
Photo ID
Animal Carrier

A carrier, collar and any of your other pet supply needs can be purchased at the time of adoption as the OHS has an excellent selection of these items. All proceeds from your purchases from the OHS Buddy & Belle Boutique support the animals at the OHS.