Request a Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic Appointment

Scheduling an Appointment with the OHS Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic

Five Things You Need to Know

  1. To qualify for service from the OHS Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic, clients must show proof of address in Ottawa and proof of qualification. Proof of address and qualification must be provided during morning registration. Examples of accepted proof of qualification include:
  • Ontario Works or ODSP stub
  • OSAP forms
  • Most recent T4
  • Most recent pay-stubs (three)
  • Letter of referral from a social worker
  1. For all appointments, morning registration begins at 8 a.m. — full registration can take up to one hour. The owner of the animal must be present at morning registration to complete registration forms and sign the consent to surgery form. The person identifying as the owner of the animal must match the name on the proof of qualification (eg: ODSP stub).
  1. Cost for surgery is $20 per cat. Microchipping (optional) is an additional $20 per cat. Our clinic receives payment during morning registration and takes cash only.
  1. Cats must have no food after 8 p.m. the night before surgery. They can have water anytime before surgery.
  1. We ask that cats be brought to our clinic in secure pet carriers, to ensure that all cats are safe and secure during morning registration. Upon registration, cats will be moved into cages on the mobile clinic; owners will be required to bring pet carriers home and return with them for pick-up.

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  • Our program is for cats only. You can schedule an appointment for up to two cats. To qualify for our program, cats must be between four months and eight years of age. Please provide the following information for up to two cats below.

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